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Travel's Ultimate Achievement - Experiencing All 7 Continents
SEVEN CONTINENT CLUB - Evidence Of "Travel's Ultimate Achievement"

The Seven Continents of the World are: North America /  South America / Europe / Asia / Australia / Antarctica and Africa.

Fully experiencing all seven of them them by walking upon and becoming totally immersed in each of their unique cultures is truly TRAVEL'S ULTIMATE ACHIEVEMENT.

To recognize the outstanding accomplishments attained by our travelers when they experience their seventh continent on one of our personally hosted Please Go Away™ Vacations travel experiences, we have created the exclusive SEVEN CONTINENT CLUB, publicly acknowledging and complimenting them.

More members were added as the continents of Africa, South America and Antarctica were experienced in 2011 and 2012.  Current membership includes:

  • Arlene Beaton
  • Faye Carpenter
  • Howard Carpenter
  • Mert Curtis
  • Elsie Drach
  • Kay Hallenbeck
  • Roger Hallenbeck
  • Larry Kopke 
  • Cleo Loomis
  • Jane Miller
  • Nola Mills
  • Richard Mills
  • June Moore
  • Ed Schmidt
  • Krista Smith
  • Perry Smith
  • Audra Strecker
  • Mary Ann Fox Tammen
  • Margaret Wingerd
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