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Your PITTSBURG STATE UNIVERSITY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION is continuing to expand the amounts and types of benefits provided to our members.

In cooperation with Please Go Away™ Vacations, a Kansas –based travel company founded in 1966, which  has specialized in arranging special travel experiences for both individuals and groups since that time to all seven continents of the world, we have developed a unique travel program featuring exceptional quality and value.  Special PSU Savings and Benefits are in place for any person having an affiliation of any type with the University (past or present). The PSU Benefits and Savings also extend to all other members of your travel party, even if they do not have a Pittsburg State connection.

"AS YOU LIKE IT" TRAVEL - FOR THE INDEPENDENT-MINDED TRAVELER!  If you prefer to travel on your own and do “your own things” with another person, your family or a small group of friends, while not being obligated to the more formal structure of group travel; we have a special program that provides every departure date of every itinerary of every “all inclusive” resort, family vacation destination, travel company and cruise line at the “guaranteed” best price “plus” additional PSU savings.  It’s our AS YOU LIKE IT TRAVEL program.  This special "no additional cost" service is also ideal when one of our special personally escorted FEATURE TRAVEL (described below) doesn't fit your time schedule or it features something you have already done.

A BRAND NEW "NO COST" BENEFIT FOR YOU!  It's our “AS YOU LIKE IT” TRAVEL ELECTRONIC BROCHURE RACK!  You have many more possibilities when you take advantage of our “AS YOU LIKE IT” TRAVEL program, however, clicking here will take you to a library consisting of 31 book shelves (more than 550 separate brochures of many different quality companies, all available to you at absolutely no additional cost.)  There's no obligation.  Go ahead and click on the link.  When the book shelves open explore everything. Clicking on any one of the more than 550 brochures will open it for you accompanied by a letter from Pittsburg State University Alumni Association.  Then, continuing on, the brochure will allow you to turn pages and review the entire contents.  You can initially search by company name, destinations, or type of travel.  Compare one company to another.   Then call 800-362-9347 or email GUS@TravelPleaseGoAway.com. You will be taken to our travel coordinator, Please Go Away™ Vacations.  They will answer your questions, assist you in determining that which is best for you according to your desires, calculate charges, and obtain all benefits and specials any company may have in place at the time.  There are no charges for their services, and you will always deal with a real live person before, during and after your travels.

You are assured of absolutely the best price and unlimited comparison capabilities for your desired travels, the full utilization of any past passenger or other promotional programs the company of your choice may have in force for the dates of your travel, “plus” an additional Pittsburg State University savings amount.  The University Alumni Association benefits, as well.  It’s truly “win-win.”

On the other hand, our "FEATURE" TRAVEL program provides a selection of "value-added" one-of-a-kind personally escorted experiences that are different than what the general public is able to enjoy.  Our "FEATURE" TRAVEL program is ideal for those travelers desiring the comfort, camaraderie, safety and ease of a personally escorted top quality travel experience.

The choice is yours.  Whatever it is, you will save both time and money when you take advantage of the programs that have been created for you.  Truly, there is something for every budget and every travel preference.  Receive additional information, a copy of our current “GO AWAY WITH GUS” TRAVEL CATALOG by requesting, or register to be the first to know about upcoming special travel opportunities by calling toll free 1-800-362-9347 or emailing GUS@TravelPleaseGoAway.com.

"FEATURE" TRAVEL - FOR THE TRAVELER PREFERRING GROUP EXPERIENCES!  For those preferring one-of-a-kind personally hosted group travel where you can sit back and let someone else take of the arrangements while you enjoy the comforts and camaraderie of traveling with a small group of individuals having similar interests we have another special program just for you.  It’s our FEATURE TRAVEL program.  Special PSU savings that extend to the all travelers are also present in this special program.  Detailed brochures open for you when you click on any of the tour photo icons in the right-hand column of this page.

When you travel utilizing either of these special programs your Alumni Association is also monetarily benefitted.

We’d like to place you on a “priority list” to receive “insider” information from time to time; and give you a $25 Travel Card.  Just click here and ask all your questions. Also, indicate your travel interests.  They will be recorded and you will be kept advised of developments pertaining to them.  If you prefer, call toll free at 1-800-362-9347 and indicate your connection with Pittsburg State University.

SUGGESTION!  Click on any of the photos to the right of this page and a detailed brochure of that particular brochure will open for you to review.

Thank you.






   JON BARTLOW, Director of Alumni/Constituent Relations



IMPORTANT:  Please note that the "FEATURE" TRAVEL opportunities continue downward on the right hand side of this page. Clicking on any of the travel photos appearing in the right hand column will open a detailed brochure of that departure for your review.  Thank you!





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