TRAVEL 2018 & 2019 CATALOG - Personally Escorted FEATURE Tours and Cruises "plus" information on ways to save time and money on your independent AS YOU LIKE IT travels!
2014 Travel Catalog
TRAVEL 2018 & 2019 CATALOG - Personally Escorted FEATURE Tours and Cruises "plus" information on ways to save time and money on your independent AS YOU LIKE IT travels!


  • Each of the "FEATURE" TRAVEL experiences shown below feature "all-inclusive" pricing.  There are no hidden charges and prices shown "include" everything detailing in the brochure that opens for you.  This feature "includes" such things as round trip airfare, travel protection insurance, all taxes and transfers, etc.
  • The travel opportunities listed below are just a tiny portion of what we have available for you to consider.  They are only our premier collection of personally escorted experiences.  We have many other choices for you.
  • Whatever your travel desires may be - traveling by yourselves, taking a family vacation, taking a cruise, enjoying a weekend package, or traveling with a group - our full time team of travel professionals can serve you completely.
  • Whatever your budget or desired dates of travel, we can provide you with exactly what you want.
  • As a full time professional travel organization we are "agents" for all major cruise lines, travel package plans, and travel companies.  This means that any program - of any company you may see advertised anywhere else - is available for you right here in our offices at the same - or quite often better - price than you will find anywhere else.  Guaranteed!
  • What is even better is that you don't pay for our services.  Instead, the travel companies gladly pay us a commission to promote, sell and service their products.
  • Making it extremely easy and efficient for you is the fact that we are "right here" for you before, during and after your travels to provide you with all necessary travel documents and instructions "in your own hands" before you depart; and to answer any questions or concerns that may arise.  As our client, we are "always" on your side and will provide personal services that will make you want to return many times in the future.
  • This full range of personalized travel services assures you end up with exactly what you desire - at the price you desire to pay. 

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"AS YOU LIKE IT" TRAVEL - Every departure date and every itinerary of all major travel and cruise companies are available through our offices at "assured" best pricing.  You are able to take full advantage of any special offers or pricing you may have received directly from the company, or that otherwise exists.  Compare - you have nothing to lose, and much to gain.   This special "no cost" service allows unlimited comparison between travel possibilities and is ideal when one of our personally escorted and value "FEATURE" TRAVEL experiences will not work for you.  Individuals, couples, families, groups of friends, organizations, and others desiring to travel "as you like" regularly take advantage of this program. 



Mar 17/23 - Washington, D.C. Week - Washington, D.C .  with its majestic building, many monuments and memorials, and connections to our nation's history (past and present) is truly one of the most amazing cities in the world.  This is no ordinary tour.  Everything shown on the brochure is already included.  There are no hidden or surprise charges in the way of required optional sightseeing, etc.  To maximize our time and to create maximum savings, this is a MotorcoachPLUS experience where we fly to and from Washington, DC and then have our own private motorcoach and driver to daily chauffeur us to our many included and in depth experiences, both in Washington, D.C. itself “plus” multiple nearby historic locations, like Mount Vernon and Arlington National Cemetery.  We will stay the entire time in one top quality and centrally-located hotel allowing us to unpack and pack our suitcases only once. Comparisons with other similarly- named tours is urged. Although it is entirely up to the discretion of Mother Nature as to whether the trees will be in full bloom, Cherry Blossom Time has been selected to further maximize the experiences we will share of the man made and natural wonders, and all the other exciting adventures, that await.

 Apr 11/15 - NewYork City & Theater ExperienceWhen you “go away” on this specially created departure you will put into play in a big way all your senses of sight, smell, taste, feel, and sound as you are surrounded by the vibrant workings and activities of New York City.  Much more is “included” in this tour than most departures.  Please compare.  When you compare “Big Apple to Big Apple” you will see you are receiving more for your travel investment.  It “will not” be necessary for you to purchase a lot of “extras” once you arrive to round out your experiences.  This is common practice with many other offerings that want to appear inexpensive, but in reality cost you more in the long run.  Another very important consideration when experiencing New York City and wanting to maximize your time there is the location of your hotel.  Yours will be right in the middle of the Times Square / Broadway theatre area where everything is literally right outside the hotel’s front doors.

May 9/16 - Michigan's Mackinac Island & Much MoreCome and “go away” with us on this educational and exciting adventure. It features Michigan and Illinois and begins in one of America’s most-beautiful cities - Chicago.  Then, by special arrangement we will experience Holland, Michigan’s famous “Tulip Festival” before traveling on to Grand Rapids.  Then, it’s on to Mackinac Island and the famous Grand Hotel.  Our special group will stay for two nights in luxury at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island overlooking the Mackinac Straits and “Big Mac.”  Mackinac Island and The Grand Hotel are both experiences that will add to your travel achievements and are experiences many travelers are not privileged to do. You will visit the Bavarian-influenced town of Frankenmuth where you will visit Bronners - the largest Christmas store in the world - and have the opportunity to visit an exact replica of the Bavarian chapel where “Silent Night” was first performed.   There’s more!  Spaces are limited.  Reserve now.

Jun 3/17 - Scandinavian Sojourn (Sweden/Denmark/Norway)This Scandinavian Sojourn offers sparkling lakes, spectacular fjords, and more. From Copenhagen you’ll travel to Arhus, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Karlstad, Lillehammer, Flam, Bergen, Geilo, and Oslo. You’ll also enjoy special highlights like Tivoli Gardens (open mid-April to mid-September), Hans Christian Andersen’s home, and Den Gamle By in Denmark, as well as dinner at a local restaurant in Arhus to try out local specialties; Stockholm’s City Hall, and a highlight visit to Gripsholm Castle in Sweden; Lillehammer’s Maihaugen Open-Air Museum (from end-May onwards); and Frogner Park in Oslo, Norway; and more. Of course you will also try out the local Swedish treat Polkagris candy, and taste the local apple cider at a Norwegian farm. This vacation offers a great variety of transportation including a ferry crossing from Denmark to Sweden and, of course, a beautiful cruise on the Sognefjord and Naerøyfjord. In Oslo, enjoy a farewell dinner to celebrate the success of your Scandinavian vacation.  

Jul 23/Aug 4 - Alaska AdventurePlease Go Away™ Vacations pioneered personally-escorted experiences to Alaska 45 years ago when the present day luxurious infrastructure of good roads, comfortable land lodges, floating luxury cruise ships, quality motor coaches, and glass-domed rail cars was non-existent.  Returning each year for 45 years, we are convinced that what you will see and do on this special departure is absolutely the very best experience you can have of “The Big Land” of glaciers (more than the rest of the World combined), mountains, wildlife, beautiful and abundant flowers and unmatched natural beauty.  Our itinerary is actually “3 tours in one!”  With Please Go Away™ Vacations you will experience the State’s interior, the Gulf of Alaska, and the beautiful “Inside Passage.” 

Sep 21/29 - New England & Canada Fall Cruise "plus" Tastes of New York CityA Personal Invitation to join Paula & Kenny Axman as they celebrate two important anniversaries in 2018 on this fabulous Princess Cruise experience!  2018 is a major milestone in their lives.  45 years ago they were married and began life’s journey together.  Little did they know at the time that 15 years later they would begin another adventure that would actually turn into many additional journeys.  30 years ago this year Paula became a team member of Cheyenne Travel/Please Go Away™ Vacations.  She immediately began to assume additional responsibilities in the organization on a daily basis with Kenny contributing many hours behind the scenes helping to make the business grow and prosper.  They have been blessed with many friends and with many experiences over the years.  From literally hundreds of different travel possibilities they have chosen this special cruise experience to observe their dual anniversaries.  They very much would like for you to join them; perhaps to also share a special event occurring in your lives; and to share their special dual anniversary milestones.

Sep 23/Oct 3 - Best of Cuba Cruise -  When you join the intentionally limited number of intrepid travelers that will make up our select group you will be privy to a complete experience of the newest and one of the greatest in demand travel destinations in the world - CUBA.  You will be part of a fully sanctioned travel experience that is much more than just Havana.  To provide a complete and in depth experience you will be privileged to spend two days in Cienfuegos, Cuba and two days in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.  These two cities are in addition to Havana.  This triple combination assures you of being able to experience the "real" Cuba and to gain an insight into the island's broad ethnic mixture.  Rather that having to stay in Cuba's "challenged" hotels, like you would on a land tour, you will spend each night aboard your luxurious floating resort ship.

Oct13/20 - Leaves, Lighthouses & LobstersYou’ll stay for an entire week in oceanfront rooms of famous Bar Harbor Inn, situated in downtown Bar Harbor, Maine, New England’s most enchanting island resort.  You’ll literally be within a few feet of the water’s edge, the quaint tree-lined streets, shops, and many fabulous restaurants of this famous seaside resort.  The famous “Shore Path” fronts the property.  Our limited-sized group will be transported on daily outings over the back roads of the state’s interior; and along the ocean-hugging highways and surf-pounding waves of Maine’s rugged and lighthouse-dotted coastline.  Each evening we will return to the comforts of our Bar Harbor Inn accommodations and the Inn’s warm fireplace.  Sequence of events and included sightseeing may be altered to provide most optimal experiences possible.  The time of this fall “Travel Treasure”™ has been carefully chosen to offer the finest resort accommodations, itinerary, and values of season-closing sales of Bar Harbor’s shops.  You will experience many of Maine’s unique offerings in depth – you will enjoy a “A Real Maine Experience”!  

Oct 30/Nov 2 - Polar Bear Adventure - This adventure allows you to experience the excitement of polar bear viewing from an official Tundra Buggy, as well as enjoy the eclectic charm of the unique Northern town of Churchill, situated in the far regions of Northern Canada on the banks of Hudson Bay.  Churchill provides the perfect place to view these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.  Contrary to a common belief, you won’t find polar bears in Alaska - instead, they thrive in places like the Hudson Bay, particularly Churchill.  It’s nature “up close” and at its best!  You will literally live the adventure and see sights not possible anywhere else on earth.  You will stay in snuggly-warm accommodations in the town and thrill to full-day Tundra Buggy safaris on the tundra of the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, where polar bears await the freezing of the Hudson Bay. 

Nov 29/Dec 3 - A Texas Christmas to RememberSure, it’s San Antonio and its famous Christmas-decorated Riverwalk.  But, it’s much more.  It’s better hotel accommodations.  It’s better located hotels.  It maximizes what is able to be seen and done because long boring and tiring days spent “going and coming” from Texas on a bus are avoided, allowing our travelers to see and experience more.  It’s  Stonewall in Texas Hill country and the childhood home of President Lyndon Johnson.  It’s Fredericksburg filled with German heritage and Christmas tradition (the Christmas tree originated in Germany).  It’s a real Texas ranch dining and holiday experience.  It features outstanding dining experiences.  It includes special “bonus” sightseeing and dining experiences.  It  includes roundtrip airfare.  Travel protection is provided.  There is no need to purchase additional sightseeing experiences to round out your activities.  They are all included.

Dec 8/16 - The Best of Europe's Christmas MarketsTogether, we will sip mulled wine, eat the Christmas delicacy of lebkuchen, and collect unique handicrafts, hand-made ornaments and toys at some of the largest and most famous Christmas markets in Europe.  In multiple ways we will be “going back” to where many of our Christmas traditions started - the Christmas Tree had its origin in Germany.  The slow pace and quality of multi-night stays in warm and cozy accommodations provides the ideal foundation for this “land only” experience in the heart of Europe.  We will spend three nights in the traditional Alpine Village of Oberammergau two nights in the heart of the Black Forest, and two nights in Wurzburg.  We will have time to enjoy these cities completely and to also enjoy exciting and educational daytime trips from them, returning each evening to our warm and comfortable surroundings.  Together, we will bask in holiday cheer as we stroll along the cobblestone streets of Innsbruck, capital of Tyrolean Austria. Visit historic, medieval Nuremberg, Wurzburg and Rothenberg, some of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. View the fairy tale Neuschwanstein Castle nestled in the heart of mountainous Bavaria. Explore Strasbourg’s Petit France and its quaint market stalls huddled around the imposing cathedral; and much more.


Feb xx/xx - Travel’s Ultimate Achievement - Experiencing All 7 Continents - Antarctica - with the included bonus of South America - is an exceptional travel opportunity and experience that places one well on the path to accomplishing “Travel’s Ultimate Achievement - experiencing all seven continents of the world.  This exceptional experience is limited to 12 participants and 6 of the spaces have already been secured without liability with our exclusive PYIP - PUT YOURSELF IN POSITION program.  Whether you accomplish your coveted status as a member of our very own “Seven Continent Club” on this ultimate experience - or whether you are taking a giant step toward achieving membership in this elite group of travelers - this is truly the travel experience of a lifetime and one we hope you will share with us.  The world is changing.  In fact, some large cruise lines are no longer able to experience this part of the world because of ecological concerns and their negative impact upon the environment.

Apr 17/May 3 - Experience the “brand new” Panama Canal - The Panama Canal Expansion was the largest infrastructure project since the Canal’s opening in 1914. Considered and analyzed for a decade with more than 100 studies, the Expanded Canal provides the world’s shippers, retailers, manufacturers and consumers with greater shipping options, better maritime service, enhanced logistics and supply-chain reliability.  The Expansion included the construction of a new set of locks on the Atlantic and Pacific sides of the waterway, creating a third lane of traffic and doubling the capacity of the waterway. It also included the creation of the Pacific Access Channel, improvement to the navigational channels, and improvements to the water supply. 

While the expanded locks are 70 feet wider and 18 feet deeper than those in the original Canal, they use less water due to water-savings basins that recycle 60 percent of the water used per transit. In line with its commitment to customer service, the Panama Canal will continue to provide the world with value for another century and beyond.

Apr xx/xx - Paris to Burgandy & Provence - the Epitome of Europe River Cruising - This France river cruise adventure begins in style with two overnights in Paris - one of the world’s most romantic and vibrant cities.  Then it’s on to the gorgeous areas of Burgandy and Provence as you enjoy a fabulous river cruise experience on what we consider the finest river cruise line in the world as to quality and value.  You will experience France’s gastronomic capital; and you will also enjoy a showcase of medieval and Renaissance architecture.  Some call these two areas the most beautiful parts of France.  You will then conclude your in depth and relaxing experience of France on the famous French Riviera.

Jun xx/xx - Best of the British Isles (England, Scotland, Wales “plus” Ireland) - We are delighted on once again in 2018 provide this “very complete” adventure of the British Isles.  By going to all four of the distinctly different countries comprising this historic and beautiful destination you will have the opportunity to fully experience them; and you will be doing so at a most ideal time of the year - when the prices are a bit lower, when the huge crowds of summer are not present; and when the colors and fragrances of a new Spring are bursting forth for the new season.  From the emerald green hillsides of Ireland, to the mysteries of Stonehenge, to the conservative airs of Scotland, to the dramatically stark personality of Wales, you will appreciate and enjoy all that you see and do.

Oct xx/Nov xx - Iceland & Its Northern Lights - A select group of intrepid travelers intentionally limited numbers so as to assure only the highest levels of personal service and attention to details will be experiencing of the most unusual and rewarding countries to visit in the world—Iceland.  As a travel bonus, we have selected the time of year when we can add and bonus “feature” of an adventure experienced only by a few as we engage in a quest as together we search for the famous Northern Lights.

Jun 13/23 - Irish Castles, Landscapes & Flavors - When you think of a vacation to Ireland, what comes to mind?  Witnessing the lush, green landscape?  Visiting historical and religious sights, and seeing remains from medieval times?  Perhaps it is visiting farms or savoring authentic Irish food.  If so, all of this and more are offered on this amazing Ireland tour - with overnights in Dublin, Claremorris, Galway, Limerick, Killarney, and Waterford.  This exceptional itinerary and experience are repeats of a previous highly successful “FEATURE” TRAVEL experience concentrating solely on “The Emerald Isle.”  You will find there are many types of “flavors” to enjoy when you “go away” with us, each one capable of being captured at the time and retained forever in your “mind’s eye.”  You’ll come home a different person.



As the year progresses we’ll be adding additional FEATURE personally escorted experiences.  Check with us often.  We’ll always be pleased to provide detailed brochures for your consideration.   Your questions are always welcome.  We look forward to serving you. 




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AMERICAN EAGLE CLUB - American State Bank and Trust - Great Bend


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