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TRAVEL 2019 CATALOG - Personally Escorted FEATURE Tours and Cruises "plus" information on ways to save time and money on your independent AS YOU LIKE IT travels!



  • Each of the "FEATURE" TRAVEL experiences shown below feature "all-inclusive" pricing.  There are no hidden charges and prices shown "include" everything detailing in the brochure that opens for you.  Among the "features" included in the prices shown are such things as round trip airfare, travel protection insurance, all taxes and transfers, etc.  Competing programs most often "do not" include such things in their advertised pricing, but require they be added later at considerable addiotional expense.
  • The 'FEATURE' TRAVEL  opportunities listed below are just a tiny portion of what we have available for you to consider.  They are only our premier collection of personally escorted and value added experiences, with many more opportunities available for your comparison and selection. 



  • On the other hand, if our personally escorted travel experiences don't work for you; or if you prefer to not be part of a group travel experience, choosing instead to experience travel "as you like it" independently, with family, a group of friends, etc., then our exclusive "AS YOU LIKE IT" TRAVEL program will serve you completely.
  • It costs nothing extra for our services, you have unlimited comparisons and are assured of ending up exactly what you alone determine best fits your needs.
  • Whatever your travel desires may be - traveling by yourselves, taking a family vacation, taking a cruise, enjoying a weekend package, or traveling with a group - our full time team of travel professionals can serve you completely.
  • Whatever your budget or desired dates of travel, we can provide you with exactly what you want.
  • Every departure date and every itinerary of all major travel and cruise companies are available through our offices at "assured" best pricing.  You are able to take full advantage of any special offers or pricing you may have received directly from the company, or that otherwise exists.  Compare - you have nothing to lose, and much to gain. This special "no cost" service allows unlimited comparison between travel possibilities. Individuals, couples, families, groups of friends, organizations, and others desiring to travel "as you like" regularly take advantage of this program. 
  • As a full time professional travel organization we are "agents" for all major cruise lines, travel package plans, and travel companies.  This means that any program - of any company you may see advertised anywhere else - is available for you right here in our offices at the same - or quite often better - price than you will find anywhere else.  Guaranteed!
  • What is even better is that you don't pay for our services.  Instead, the travel companies gladly pay us a commission to promote, sell and service their products.
  • Making it extremely easy and efficient for you is the fact that we are "right here" for you before, during and after your travels to provide you with all necessary travel documents and instructions "in your own hands" before you depart; and to answer any questions or concerns that may arise.  As our client, we are "always" on your side and will provide personal services that will make you want to return many times in the future.
  • This full range of personalized travel services assures you end up with exactly what you desire - at the price you desire to pay. 

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Jan 15/28 - Travel’s Ultimate Achievement - Experiencing All 7 Continents - Antarctica - with the included bonus of South America - is an exceptional travel opportunity and experience that places one well on the path to accomplishing “Travel’s Ultimate Achievement - experiencing all seven continents of the world.  This exceptional experience is limited to 12 participants. Whether you accomplish your coveted status as a member of our very own “Seven Continent Club” on this ultimate experience - or whether you are taking a giant step toward achieving membership in this elite group of travelers - this is truly the travel experience of a lifetime and one we hope you will share with us.  The world is changing.  In fact, some large cruise lines are no longer able to experience this part of the world because of ecological concerns and their negative impact upon the environment.

Feb 14/22 - Tastes of Tuscany - It's vintage Italy.  The rolling hills of Tuscany are home to sprawling vineyards, charming medieval hill towns and enchanting cities steeped in history, culture, and legend.  This is an exceptional travel experience in that our entire time of seven nights we will stay in only one ideally situated location - Montecatini Terme.  We will be privileged to stay in the 4-star accommodation of THE GRAND HOTEL TETTUCCIO located in the heart of one of Italy's most renowned destinations.   We will unpack and pack only once.  We will alsio enjoy special in depth experiences in our motorcoach to many exceptional cities and regions of Tuscany.  Exceptional "waiver of single supplement" charges are available for those single travelers reserving with us in a timely manner.  This exceptional money-saving benefit is limited in availability.

Mar 16/22 - Springtime in the South - Experience the history, charm, and singular hospitality of the Low Country in Georgia and South Carolina, along with a touch of Florida.  The special departure goes at the ideal time of year, when the new growth and reawakening of the many gardens and countryside are coming alive.  Soak in two nights at the exclusive Jekyll Island Club, once described as "the richest, most exclusive club in the world."  Other highlights will include the 19th-century Andrew Low House and Gardens, quaint St. Simons Island with its 106 fee tall lighthouse; riding a tram through the Jekyll Island Historic Landmark District; getting to know Charleston's cobblestone streets, historic homes and restored buildings; enjoying a tour of Savannah's sprawling Historic District; and more. 

Apr 6/17 - Paris to Burgundy & Provence River Cruise - The Epitome of Europe River Cruising This France river cruise adventure begins in style with two overnights in Paris - one of the world’s most romantic and vibrant cities.  Then it’s on to the gorgeous areas of Burgandy and Provence as you enjoy a fabulous river cruise experience on what we consider the finest river cruise line in the world as to quality and value.  You will experience France’s gastronomic capital; and you will also enjoy a showcase of medieval and Renaissance architecture.  Some call these two areas the most beautiful parts of France.  You will then conclude your in depth and relaxing experience of France on the famous French Riviera.

Apr 17/May 3 - Experience the “brand new” Panama Canal - The Panama Canal Expansion was the largest infrastructure project since the Canal’s opening in 1914. Considered and analyzed for a decade with more than 100 studies, the Expanded Canal provides the world’s shippers, retailers, manufacturers and consumers with greater shipping options, better maritime service, enhanced logistics and supply-chain reliability.  The Expansion included the construction of a new set of locks on the Atlantic and Pacific sides of the waterway, creating a third lane of traffic and doubling the capacity of the waterway. It also included the creation of the Pacific Access Channel, improvement to the navigational channels, and improvements to the water supply. 

While the expanded locks are 70 feet wider and 18 feet deeper than those in the original Canal, they use less water due to water-savings basins that recycle 60 percent of the water used per transit. In line with its commitment to customer service, the Panama Canal will continue to provide the world with value for another century and beyond.

Jun 7/21 - Best of the British Isles (England, Scotland, Wales "plus" IrelandWe are delighted on once again in 2019 provide this “very complete” adventure of the British Isles.  By going to all four of the distinctly different countries comprising this historic and beautiful destination you will have the opportunity to fully experience them; and you will be doing so at an excellent time of the year.  From the emerald green hillsides of Ireland, to the mysteries of Stonehenge, to the conservative airs of Scotland, to the dramatically stark personality of Wales, you will appreciate and enjoy all that you see and do.

Jul 26/Aug 7 - Alaska Adventure - Three Experiences In One - 2019 will mark this departure as our 46th year of taking groups to Alaska on this special itinerary.  We have every possibile itinerary and Alaska experience available for our selection.  We have compared them all.  Without exception, in our opinion, this special "three in one" in depth experience of our 49th state is absolutely the very best quality and value available.  You will experience the state's interior, the Gulf of Alaska and the beautiful "Inside Passage."  Our itinerary begins in Fairbanks and then winds it way southward via glass-domed rail cars and motorcoach, with time spent in Mt. McKinley (Mt. Denali) National Park before we board our waiting luxurious cruise ship and our cruise across the Gulf of Alaska and down the entire "Inside Passage."  As is true with all Please Go Away(tm) Vacations personally escorted and valued added "FEATURE" TRAVEL cruise experiences, sightseeing excursions are "included" at all interior land locations and at each cruise port of call. 

Aug19/26 - West Coast Wonderlands - Featuring: Washington, Oregon, California & More - Inspiring landscapes meet dynamic cities as together we will explore the majestic Pacific Northwest of Washington and Oregon "plus" California on this 8-day adventure.  We will explore and experience from the wilds of Mount St. Helens and the Columbia River Gorge to the sophistication of Portland, Seattle and San Francisco.  Highlights will include: traveling along Oregon's beautiful Pacific coast; visiting Redwood National Park, exploring Eureka, a historic time and fishing town; cross the Golden Gate Bridge and discovering the "City by the Bay," San Francisco; visiting Seattle's lively Pike Place Market; being amazed by the Columbia River Gorge; cruising San Francisco Bay; riding San Francisco's famous cable cars; and much more.

Sep 2/15 - Voyage on the Volga - This voyage will allow you to experience Russia in depth - from Moscow to St. Petersburg.  Instead of flying from place to place or traveling by motor coach down major highways, this cruise will allow you to literally float through the backyards of communities and farm homes, fertile farm fields, and most impressive countrysides.  Russia will literally pass in front of you revealing some of the most beautiful scenery and historic culture existing anywhere in the world.  Additionally, your floating river resort will dock in the "heart" of the cities visited, allowing one to walk directly off the vessel and immediately be immersed in the daily lives of the Russian people.  With meals and sightseeing including while on the cruise, exceptional value is also present.

Sep 18/28  - The Pathways of Paul - We will walk the pathways of one of the Bible's most prolific personalities and one of history's most interesting individuals.  Highlights will include: a 3-night cruise of the magical Greek Islands of Mykonos, Patmos , Santorini; visiting the ancient Roman city of Ephesus, Turkey; discovering archaeological treasures like the Acropolis in Athens; exploring the biblical town of Corinth; stopping in Philippi, where Paul delivered his first sermon in Europe and baptized Lydia, the first Christian; seeing the dungeon where Paul was held prisoner; seeing the cave on Patmos where John, inspired by God wrote the Book of Revelation, seeing the Bema where Paul was brought before the tribunal, as recorded in Acts; traveling to the coastal town of Kavala where Paul first set foot in Europe, and more.

Oct 12/19 - Leaves, Lighthouses & Lobsters - By far our most popular fall experience!  The name of the departure says it all!  It's Maine in the fall featuring leaves, lighthouses & lobsters "plus" multiple "behind the scenes" experiences with real "Mainers" - people who are personal friends of Marilyn and Larry Kopke who personally researched and created this experience almost 20 years ago.  It's much more than a regular bus tour where you pack and unpack often as you have to hurry daily to get from one destination to another, spending most of your time traveling down major and busy highways to accomplish.  Instead, this is one of our personally-crafted "Country Classics" we feature as one of our "MotorcoachPLUS" experiences.  Instead of spending multiple days of long and boring hours on a bus to get to what your tour is all about, we get there in a matter of hours by flying and then have a private motorcoach exclusively for our group take us on daily outings from our central location of the magnificent Bar Harbor Inn where we stay for an entire week in accommodations featuring private balconies overlooking the water.  Also, we only unpack and pack once.  Compare.  Some knowledgeable travelers have taken this experience three different times, with others doing more than once.  There are reasons this has happened.

Oct 23/29 - Iceland & Its Northern Lights - A select group of intrepid travelers intentionally limited numbers so as to assure only the highest levels of personal service and attention to details will be experiencing of the most unusual and rewarding countries to visit in the world—Iceland.  As a travel bonus, we have selected the time of year when we can add a special inclu “feature” of an adventure experienced only by a few as we engage in a quest as together we search for the exquisite pulsating Northern Lights.

Oct 29 - Nov 6 - An In Depth Expedition of the Galapagos Islands - The Galapagos Islands are located 620 miles from the South American mainland but a world apart from anywhere else on Earth. The archipelago and its surrounding waters, located where three ocean currents converge, are famed for the unique animal species that piqued the interest of Charles Darwin in 1835. Decades later Darwin drew on his experiences here when penning his landmark theory of evolution by natural selection.  The actively volcanic islands are home to fascinating creatures found nowhere else on Earth, including marine iguanas, giant tortoises, flightless cormorants, and a diverse variety of finches.

Dec 29/Jan 2 - The Real Rose Parade & New Year ExperienceOriginally started on January 1, 1890, the Rose Parade is watched in person by hundreds of thousands of spectators on the parade route (you will enjoy prime reserved seating) and is broadcast on multiple television networks in the United States. It is seen by millions more on television worldwide in more than 200 international territories and countries. The parade consists of 43 floats and 21 marching bands. “You” will be there!  Special “feature” bonuses include the Queen Mary, full lunch aboard this Lady of the Seas, and the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific and its magnificent water exhibits.

PYIP - PUT YOURSELF IN POSITION - This exclusive "no cost" program has been created by Please Go Away(tm) Vacations to meet the demand of the many astute travelers that want to reserve their travels early because they realize that today, more than ever, the best bonuses, perks, savings, accommodations, flight arrangements, etc. are received by those reserving very early, often 12 to 18 months before traveling. Because the demand for quality arrangements is so great nationwide, we often go ahead and contract to hold spaces for special travel experiences, assuring them for our inventory and use, even though final contracts have not been received.  Quantities are always limited.  When this situation exists, normally for travel experiences in the upcoming calendar year, the logo appearing at the left will appear on the fact of the brochure.  With this exclusive Please Go Away(tm) Vacations program travelers can "put themselves in position" to be assured of availability by making only a $100.00 per person "holding" deposit.  This gives the depositer the right of first refusal (in the sequence "holding" deposits were received) to either accept or reject the finalized departure brochure that is complete with pricing.  If rejected, they promptly receive a 100% cash refund of their "holding" deposits.  Or, if they accept, they convert their "holding" deposits into  confirmed "reservations" by paying a 50% reduced reservation deposit amount.  This unique program benefits everyone.  If you have questions please allow our team to answer them for you.   

As time progresses we’ll be adding additional FEATURE personally escorted experiences.  Check with us often.  We’ll always be pleased to provide detailed brochures for your consideration.   Your questions are always welcome.  We look forward to serving you.  




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