Travel Tidbits
Travel Tidbits

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Travel Warnings:

Ex. - A word of caution -- the wearing of camouflage or military apparel is illegal in Barbados and clothing will be confiscated and persons charged accordingly.


Princess has announced that they have successfully implemented new and improved disembarkation procedures. In the past, passengers were instructed to wait patiently in public lounges and disembark the ship by designated group colors. With our new procedures, passengers are asked to meet at a host lounge at a certain time and thereafter are promptly escorted by staff to the gangway for disembarkation. The benefit of this is that our atriums are no longer overcrowded and passengers can better plan their last morning on the ship.

The result is a more relaxed, express process with more happy passengers.  This has "got" to be a big improvement.

The staggered embarkation times are determined by the flight departures of each passenger. Therefore, the first group to disembark the ship would be passengers with scheduled morning flights and so on.

We are pleased to report that passenger and crew feedback have been very positive. To date, the program has been implemented fleet-wide, with the exception of Diamond Princess where implementation will depend on the assigned pier while in the Port of Los Angeles and Sapphire Princess, who’ll begin their new procedures at the end of the Asia season.


If you need to purchase a passport you can visit the travel resources page for the link.  If you have applied for a passport and have not received it please follow these instructions. The passport agency has a telephone number you can contact "within 2 weeks" of departure if you do not have your passport.   If the travel requiring a passport has been purchased from our full time travel professionals, you should feel free to contact us.  We make no guarantees, but we do have several methods of overriding the que system of the passport agency that can place you "ahead of the pack" of people waiting for their passports.  It's serious -- don't delay -- apply only on expedited basis.  Ask questions.  We are here to help.  To check the status of any pending passport application click here and follow the instructions.  You will go to the Travel Resources page of our website.  At this page click on "U.S. Passports" and then click on the "online status check" button.  Questions??  Ask us!


Information coming soon!


PAULA NAMED CRUISE COMMODORE -- Representing our entire organization, Paula has recently completed an extensive 6-month course of Princess Cruises enhancing the knowledge our team possesses with the many changes that are currently taking place in the cruise industry.  A minimum of 25 separate and intensive classes were taken, tested on, and successfully passed.  In addition, a comprehensive and extensive final test also had to be taken and successfully passed.  For those few professionals throughout North America that have achieved the successful conclusion of the intensive schooling, a coveted "Commodore" designation was granted by Princess Cruises.  This means benefits to you in that our organization has maintained its favored status with the cruise line, and is privy to inside information not available to the general travel industry.  These include "first announcement" on such things as:  cruise specials, new itinerary announcements, and special benefits available only to our clients.


  • PASSPORT LAWS HAVE CHANGED -- For latest updates on this and other travel questions go to our special information section at TRAVEL RESOURCES.
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  • INDIVIDUAL TRAVELER OPPORTUNITIES -- We presently have tour departures that have individual travelers (persons desiring to share accommodations with person of same gender to save single supplement costs) already reserved.  Current listing of destinations and gender openings available at
  • KANSAS BIRTH CERTIFICATES -- To obtain a certified copy of your birth certificate in the quickest possible fashion you may either call Kansas State Department of Health & Environment, Division of Vital Statistics at 785-296-1400; or visit their website at The website is 24/7, while regular office hours for phone and credit card usage are 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 




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