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2017 has been a most successful year for our members and friends to enjoy exciting travel experiences to many places in the United States and throughout the rest of the world.  2018 looks to be even more exciting with some of our "next year" tours already nearing full capacity.  Detailed brochures open for you when you click the photo links on the right hand side of this page.

Working in concert with our travel coordinator, Please Go Away™ Vacations, we continue to improve a multi-faceted program for our members and friends that literally makes "every" departure date of "every" itinerary of "every" quality tour operator, cruise line, all-inclusive resorts, etc. available at the "guaranteed" best price.  Once the best price has been determined for the travel arrangements desired, then "in addition to and on top of" that guaranteed best price there are added additional special American Eagle Club travel savings.  Also, any past passenger or other special offers that are being made available by the travel companies and cruise lines involved are able to be fully utilized by our travelers, truly maximizing benefits and savings received.  All available savings are also passed along to all members of your travel party, even if they do not have an association with American Eagle Club.

The end results are "guaranteed" best price, unlimited selection, unlimited comparison capabilities, and unmatched personal service before, during and after travels.  All this is accomplished without our members and friends having to pay for the professional services provided by Please Go Away™ Vacations.

To provide unlimited travel availability to our members and friends there have been created two different and beneficial travel programs.  They are "INSIDE TRACK" TRAVELS and "FEATURE" TRAVELS. 

Our "INSIDE TRACK" TRAVELS programs provides unbeatable benefits for the leisure vacation and cruise travelers that prefer something other than one of our "FEATURE" TRAVELS personally escorted experiences.  All quality travel and cruise programs of all the leading companies of the travel industry are available for comparison and selection.  Individuals and couples traveling alone, families traveling together, small groups of friends travel together, etc. that prefer more freedom to do "as they like" will particularly benefit from this program.  So will those of you who prefer a personally escorted experience instead, but desire it to be something other than one of our "FEATURE" TRAVELS selections.

A BRAND NEW "NO COST" BENEFIT FOR YOU!  It's our "INSIDE TRACK" TRAVEL ELECTRONIC BROCHURE RACK.  You have many more possibilities when you take advantage of our "INSIDE TRACK" program, however clicking here  will take you to a library consisting of 31 book shelves (more than 550 separate brochures of many different quality companies, all available to you at absolutely no additional cost.)  There's no obligation.  Go ahead and click on the link.  When the book shelves open explore everything. Clicking on any brochure will open it for you accompanied by a letter from American Eagle Club.  Then, continuing on, the brochure will allow you to turn pages and review the entire contents.  You can initially search by company name, destinations, or type of travel.  Compare one company to another.   Then call 800-362-9347 or email  You will be taken to our travel coordinator, Please Go Away™ Vacations.  They will answer your questions, assist you in determining that which is best for you according to your desires, calculate charges, and obtain all benefits and specials any travel company or cruise line may have in place at the time.  There are no charges for their services, and you will always deal with a real live person before, during and after your travels. 

On the other hand, our "FEATURE" TRAVELS program provides a selection of "value-added" one-of-a-kind personally escorted experiences that are different than what the general public is able to enjoy.  Our "FEATURE" TRAVELS program is ideal for those travelers desiring the comfort, camaraderie, safety and ease of a personally escorted top quality travel experience.

The choice is yours.  Whatever it is, you will save both time and money when you take advantage of the programs that have been created for you.  Truly, there is something for every budget and every travel preference.  Receive additional information, a copy of our current AMERICAN EAGLE TRAVEL CATALOG, or register to be the first to know about upcoming special travel opportunities by calling toll free 1-800-362-9347 or emailing

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