Personally Escorted
Personally Escorted

Escorted Excellence -  unique "Value-Added" personally escorted FEATURE travel experiences crafted by travel professionals 

  • The absolute best in "high touch - high tech" personal service and attention to detail throughout your travel experience is "featured" in our special selection of personally escorted travel experiences.  Exciting destinations throughout North America and the rest of the World are included in this one-of-a-kind collection.   Most often offered in concert with top cruise lines and travel companies worldwide, each experience has bonus benefits, perks, and ethnic emphasis events added to make an even more complete happening. 
  • There are no hidden or surprise charges.  Everything detailed in the departure's brochure in already included in the one price paid before departure.  Our travelers can practically leave their billfolds in their pockets and their purses closed when they "go away" with us.  Please Go Away™ Vacations clients are "taken" instead of being "sent" to rely on their own devices.  A personal escort is with the group members throughout to take care of the details of travel; and to allow members to relax and fully enjoy what there is to see and do.
  • Our formula of "value added" experiences and unmatched personal attention to details and service has been widely accepted for almost five decades.  Our repeat factor of satisfied travelers is 94+% - some travelers having "gone away" on more than 70 of our personally escorted FEATURE experiences.  There are multiple other travelers not far behind.  Our travelers receive special recognition for their achievements through one or more of our special travel achievement recognitions, including:
  • Travel Wall of Fame Club
  • Super World Traveler Club                                                                                                                   
  • Intrepid Traveler Club
  • Seven Continent Club

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Among the "always included" benefits are provided travel protection insurance and our exclusive 100% Reservation Deposit Refund Guarantee.  Other unique benefits include:

  • FRIENDSHIP BONUS PLAN - Our continued success and rapid growth over the past 40 plus years have largely been due to repeat travelers and travelers who recommend our one-of-a-kind travel experiences to their friends and family who have not "gone away" with us before.  To tangibly show our appreciation for such recommendations we have created an exclusive Friendship Bonus Plan, which provides the recommending party their choice of a 1% cash bonus or 2% future travel credit bonus.  Percentages are applied to what recommended persons  pay for their travels.  There is no limit on number of persons that can be recommended or bonus amounts that can be achieved.  84% of recipients select the future travel credit bonus. 
  • "FEATURE" TRAVEL!  This special service generally comprises the other 50% of our annual business.  It is designed for travelers that prefer the comfort, camaraderie and safety of traveling with a small group of fellow travelers sharing similar interests.  The group is personally escorted throughout by a travel professional that takes care of all details of travel, allowing members to just relax and enjoy their all inclusive "one-of-a-kind"  value filled travel experiences that are not available anywhere else.  In a word, travelers using this service are "taken" and not "sent".  "FEATURE" TRAVELexperiences are select experiences throughout the world that continually evolve into different departures as the travel year unfolds.  All inclusive pricing is always present.  There are no hidden or surprise charges; or the need to purchase a lot of additional sightseeing after departure.  Travel protection insurance and round trip air fare are always included; as are bonus sightseeing and dining local ethnic experiences.  Over the past 40+ years this special travel service has produced a large number of repeat travelers.  In fact, our repeat factor is 94+%, some travelers having "gone away" with us on more than 70 occasions, with others close behind.   Click here to view a catalog of detailed brochures of upcoming "FEATURE" TRAVEL experiences.

  • Click here to see our Custom Groups. 

You are invited to compare our outstanding programs with all others.  When you do we ask that you compare "item by item".   You will find that the highest quality and best overall values are yours when you "go away" with Please Go Away(tm) Vacations. 


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