Our personally escorted value-added group tour experiences featured in our special "FEATURE" TRAVEL division provide one-of-a-kind travel achievements found nowhere else.  There are no hidden charges, round trip air transportation, travel protection insurance, in depth sightseeing, and all other things explained in the departure's detailed brochure are already included in the one price you pay before departure.  Unlike some other companies, there are not deceptive advertising, hidden charges, or the need to purchase additional items like taxes, fees, transfers, sightseeing, etc.   Compare!  When you do you will see that you always receive only the highest quality and highest value when you "go away" on a Please Go Away™ Vacations "FEATURE" TRAVEL personally escorted tour experience. 

On the other hand, if you prefer to not be of an organized group, or our "FEATURE" TRAVEL cruises are something you have already done or are at a time inconvenient for you, then you will save both money and time when you take advantage of our special "AS YOU LIKE IT" TRAVEL division.   This special travel division is ideal for the independent-minded traveler, for families, and for groups of friends that prefer to do "as you like."    We have every itinerary of every quality travel resort and travel operator available for our individual travelers right here in our offices. Just a very few of the available opportunities for you can be viewed by click on the brand icon links below and on the right hand side of this page.

On both "AS YOU LIKE IT" TRAVEL and "FEATURE" TRAVEL experiences you "always" have our unmatched personal service before, during and after your travels.  Also, you are assured of being to take advantage of any special promotions or savings that you may have been presented with from any other source.

So, to save both time and money and enjoy unmatched personal service throughout your entire travel experience utilize the "no cost" services of our full time professional travel team.




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Featured Tours

GLOBUS 2017: Traditional Grand European with Extended Stay in London (HSL) from $5,249.00 (USD)
A European tour?it should include the most popular and exciting cities, the must-see sights, tasty meals, picturesque scenery, and a mix of culture, history, and just plain fun.

GLOBUS 2017: Lisbon & Northern Spain (ZO) from $2,409.00 (USD)
Explore the coastline of Portugal and Northern Spain on this fascinating vacation.

GLOBUS 2017: Italian Tapestry (LS) from $2,729.00 (USD)
A tapestry takes different threads and colors, and weaves them together into a beautiful design. That's what this Italy tour-Italian Tapestry-does.

GLOBUS 2017: Imperial Splendors (RS) from $2,149.00 (USD)
This Central Europe tour is a magnificent journey through the former Habsburg Empire. Your tour starts and ends in Munich. Along the way, you will overnight in some of Central Europe's most exciting cities: Prague, Budapest, Vienna, and Salzburg.

GLOBUS 2017: Fascinating Israel (QC) from $2,310.00 (USD)
Israel has been a pilgrimage center for people throughout the ages and is a treasure trove of historical and biblical sights. On this Israel tour, start in Tel Aviv and end in Jerusalem with overnights also in Haifa and Kibbutz Lavi.

GLOBUS 2017: Classical Greece with Iconic Aegean 4-Night Cruise (RGH) from $2,872.00 (USD)
Ancient ruins, stunning scenery, lots of sunshine, marvelous beaches, the Greek Islands, the crystal-clear Aegean Sea, and tasty cuisine?this is Greece, and on this Greece cruise and tour, you'll experience all of this and more!

GLOBUS 2017: Icons of India: The Taj, Tigers & Beyond (OD) from $2,629.00 (USD)
Discover India, a diverse country filled with a long history, a variety of languages, amazing monuments, and a rich cultural heritage.

2017: Ecuador: From the Andes to the Amazon with Galapagos Cruise (1405) from $3,799.00 (USD)
From the Pacific Coast to the rainforest and from the Amazon to the high slopes of the Andes, Ecuador is one of the From the Pacific Coast to the rainforest and from the Amazon to the high slopes of the Andes, Ecuador is one of the world's most biodi...

2017: Heart of the Canadian Rockies with Alaska Cruise (8915) from $2,126.00 (USD)
The Canadian Rockies are known for their stunning scenery, rugged mountains, breathtaking glaciers, mighty rivers, and gorgeous national parks.

2017: Circle the American West (8160) from $2,469.00 (USD)
Mother Nature has loaded the West with stunning scenery, and on this National Parks tour, you'll witness some of nature's finest.

2017: Best of Australia with Queenstown (IPGD) from $3,489.00 (USD)

Patagonian Grand Adventure with Buenos Aires 2017 from $5,272.00 (USD)
Tour Type: DiscoveriesBrochure Type: South America 2017The epic scenery and vibrant cultures of Chile and Argentina are revealed on this in-depth exploration that roams from Santiago to Buenos Aires via mountains, glaciers and lakes.
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