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Greetings Fellow Tigers and Friends,

We are excited to unveil a new and expanded set of 2018 "FEATURE" TRAVEL opportunities to fellow Tigers and your friends as a "no cost" benefit.  

IMPORTANT:  At the same time, we realize there are those of you who prefer not to be part of an organized group; or for whom our special personally-escorted tours don't fit your travel goals.  Understanding this, we have been able to create a special program just for you that provides unlimited comparison and selection opportunities.  This special service is at "no cost" to you and your travel party.  It is our Tiger "AS YOU LIKE IT" TRAVELS Program.  All quality travel company, inclusive resort, cruise line, and other applicable.special savings and benefits programs will be fully captured for you. 

HOWEVER, On the other hand, those who want exceptionally high quality combined with excellent value in personally escorted experiences will be attracted to our Tiger "FEATURE" TRAVELS Program.  The programs are highlighted below. 

With both of these special programs, you - and your entire travel party - enjoy special FHSU savings coupled with maximum additional savings, perks, and bonuses that may be available from the resort, travel operator, cruise line, etc.  For more details, I urge you to click on the photo/logo icon links on the right hand side of this page.  

ALSO IMPORTANT: When you take advantage of either of these special FHSU travel programs your Alumni Association benefits, as well. The two special programs are:


Multiple levels of travel opportunities, combined with special savings and benefits not available elsewhere, are available for your consideration.  A selection of truly unique premier travel experiences featuring unmatched levels of personal service before, during and after your travels;  combined with special savings, bonuses and perks that extend to your entire travel party, are the foundations of our special "FEATURE" TRAVEL program.  Current opportunities appear to the right of this page.  A detailed brochure for each personally escorted departure will open for you to review when you click on the applicable photo.   Early reservations are urged on all our "FEATURE" TRAVELS  to secure best accommodations, especially since your reservations are protected by an exclusive 100% Reservation Deposit Refund Guarantee.


Realizing  that our specially designed personally escorted "FEATURE" TRAVEL program may not be what you want, that it may not align with your personal schedules, or that you simply prefer to travel on your own or with a select group of fellow travelers, a special  program has been designed that meets your personal preferences.  Ideal for individuals, couples, families, or small groups of friends, it is our special "AS YOU LIKE IT" TRAVEL  service.  Every itinerary and departure date of every major cruise line and travel company - including any special "past passenger" or other offers or discounts available to you - are available to you at the same - or quite often better - price than is present anywhere else.  Plus you will have the benefit of local personal professional travel help before, during and after your travels. 

TRAVELING TIGERS "AS YOU LIKE IT" Electronic Travel Brochure Rack

There are almost unlimited opportunities for you to compare travel itineraries and prices with our special "AS YOU LIKE IT" TRAVEL program.  With this program it is easy for you to make an informed decision without obligation.  If you will click here you will be taken to a special FHSU  "AS YOU LIKE IT" ELECTRONIC TRAVEL BROCHURE RACK containing more than 550 different travel brochures (just a start - there are many more available to you with this program).  You will be able to electronically turn the pages of each of the 550+ brochures if you like, just as you do when you are holding a brochure in your hand.

To request additional travel information of any type,  or to ask any travel questions, call toll free 1-800-362-9347 and identify yourself as a "Tiger."  Or, email

DeBra Prideaux, FHSU Executive Director '86, '92
Alumni and Governmental Relations

Two additional thoughts:

Request your  copy of our TRAVELING TIGERS Travel Catalog by contacting 800-362-9347 or

When you do you will receive a  TIGER $25 TRAVEL GIFT CARD!














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