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Greetings Hornet Nation!

2018 has been - and continues to be - a great of travel for the "Hornet Nation."  We are excited to again remind you of upcoming travel opportunities and benefits for the Hornet Nation "plus" your friends and family.  We will soon be unveiling our new and exciting 2019 travel program. 

Hornet "PRIVATE LABEL" Program:

  • RIVERS, ROSES, MOUNTAINS & ORCHARDS - August 1-7.  Staying at the lovely Skamania Lodge (suggest you Google the lodge to verify its quality and value) in the heart of the majestic Columbia River Gorge, the States of Washington and Oregon will be experienced.  It will be personally hosted by Dr. Don Miller, School of Business Professor Emeritus, and his wife Linda.

This remaining 2018 "PRIVATE LABEL" TRAVEL experience is a "Classic" in that only one outstanding hotel or inn is used for the entire duration, allowing for unpacking and packing of suitcases just once.  Daily, in depth and behind the scenes experiences are then highlighted, returning each evening to our waiting accommodations.  Such an approach maximizes time and allows for more complete exposure to what the areas offer, is more relaxing, and provides greater value.

Brochure for this remaining departure will open for your review when you click on their photo icons appearing in the right hand column of this page.

Hornet "FEATURE" TRAVEL Program:

This is a special program of select personally escorted and value-added travel experiences that have additional perks and benefits included that makes them one-of-a-kind experiences.  Each of our "FEATURE" TRAVEL experiences is "all inclusive," meaning that everything that is detailed in the brochure is already included in the one price shown.  There are no hidden or surprise charges or expensive add-ons, normally found on other programs.  Roundtrip air transportation is among included items; as in travel protection insurance.  Departure from your home area is easily arranged by our travel professional partners.

Special "Hornet" Nation savings are present and extend to your entire travel party.  You also support the Alumni Association when you take advantage of this program.  The 2018 experiences and dates appear in the right hand column of this page (clicking on the photo of any departure will open a detailed brochure for your examination.

We urge you to compare our special "FEATURE" TRAVEL programs with programs offered by other companies.  When you do, we are confident you will see the very real value and quality that are present; and "feature" included experiences not normally resent on other programs. 

Hornet "AS YOU LIKE IT" TRAVEL Program: 

This program provides unbeatable benefits for the leisure vacation and cruise travelers that prefer something other than one of our "FEATURE" TRAVEL or "PRIVATE LABEL" TRAVEL experiences.  Every departure of every quality travel company and cruise line (including all their special incentives) are available for your selection.  Individuals and couples traveling alone, families traveling together, and a small groups of friends traveling together, etc. that prefer more freedom to do "as they like" will particularly benefit from this program.  So will those of you who prefer a personally escorted experience, but desire it to be something other than one of our "feature" departures.   With "AS YOU LIKE IT" TRAVEL you are "guaranteed" the best price for what you desire to do.  And, you have unlimited selection and comparison capabilities, assuring that you receive exactly that which you decide is best for you.

The ESU ELECTRONIC BROCHURE RACK is one of many "no cost" benefits you enjoy with this program. There are almost unlimited opportunities for you to compare travel itineraries and prices with our special "AS YOU LIKE IT" TRAVEL program.   If you will click here you will be taken to a special ESU ELECTRONIC BROCHURE RACK containing more than 24 separate racks of 550 different travel brochures (just a start - there are many more available to you with this program). You will be able to electronically turn the pages of each of the 550+ brochures if you like, just as you do when you are holding a book in your hand. 

Just like with "FEATURE" TRAVEL, special "Hornet" Nation savings are present and extend to your entire travel party and you are able to take advantage of any special promotions and/or perks that may be provided by the travel company for the travels you select..  You also are supporting the Alumni Association.

Important: Truly, with our "Three Pillars" specially created travel progream,there is something for every travel desire, every budget, and every age.  You pay nothing extra for theprofessional travel services provided on any of these programs, you can enjoy unlimited comparisons before you reserve, and you receive personal service before, during and after  your travels.  

Created in cooperation with Please Go Away™ Vacations, a 52-year travel industry veteran organization located in Kansas with a business credo of "Small Town Caring - Worldwide - Since 1966," our growing travel program includes multiple outstanding  savings and special perks that benefit alumni members, as well as employees and friends of the University.  When utilized, the Alumni Association also benefits with added financial support for our programs

Free $25.00 ESU Travel Card:

Receive additional detailed information, a current HORNET NATION TRAVELS catalog and be the first to know about upcoming special travel opportunities by calling toll free 1-800-362-9347 or emailing  When you do, you will also receive a $25.00 ESU TRAVEL CARD.

Click here to learn more about the services of the Emporia State University Alumni Association.

We look forward to 'going away' with you and your fellow Hornets soon.  As always, Go Hornets!




K. TYLER CURTIS, '01 & '04

Assistant Vice President for Outreach & Engagement

Here are some Hornet Nation Travelers recently experiencing diferent parts of the world. 



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