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  1. What is our "AS YOU LIKE IT" TRAVEL Program?
  2. What is our "FEATURE" TRAVEL Program?
  3. What is our "PRIVATE LABEL" TRAVEL Program?

"AS YOU LIKE IT" TRAVEL!  This special service accounts for approximately 50% of our annual business and is designed to personally serve those travelers that prefer more independent and freedom of choice travel they can more easily do what they want and when they want.  It's ideal for the single traveler, for couples, for small groups of friends, families and for those persons for whom our personally escorted "FEATURE" TRAVEL departures (described below) either hold no interest or don't fit into available travel times.  Of importance:  every departure date, of every itinerary, of every quality all inclusive resort, family theme park destination, cruise line and travel company is available right here in our offices at the same - or quite often better - price than available from any other source.  The travelers taking advantage of this special do not pay extra for our services.  Our full time travel professionals are right here before, during and after travels to address any questions or concerns.  Any special offers or past passenger offers they may have can be fully utilized by travelers when they make their arrangements through our offices.  Click here to view examples. 

Additionally click here to examine, without obligation, 24 pages, more than 550 actual travel catalogs of major quality travel companies, cruise lines, and resorts, on our special electronic "AS YOU LIKE IT" TRAVEL BROCHURE RACK.  Explore in complete privacy when the time is best for you. You can also obtain more no obligation information on this type of "individualized" travel experience by clicking on the photo icon links appearing at the bottom of this page.  When you do, a whole bevy of "As You Like It" travel opportunities will be unveiled.


"FEATURE" TRAVEL!  This special service generally comprises the other 50% of our annual business.  It is designed for travelers that prefer the comfort, camaraderie and safety of traveling with a small group of fellow travelers sharing similar interests.  The group is personally escorted throughout by a travel professional that takes care of all details of travel, allowing members to just relax and enjoy their all inclusive "one-of-a-kind"  value filled travel experiences that are not available anywhere else.  In a word, travelers using this service are "taken" and not "sent".  "FEATURE" TRAVEL experiences are select experiences throughout the world that continually evolve into different departures as the travel year unfolds.  All inclusive pricing is always present.  There are no hidden or surprise charges; or the need to purchase a lot of additional sightseeing after departure.  Travel protection insurance and round trip air fare are always included; as are bonus sightseeing and dining local ethnic experiences.  Over the past 40+ years this special travel service has produced a large number of repeat travelers.  In fact, our repeat factor is 94+%, some travelers having "gone away" with us on more than 70 occasions, with others close behind.  Click here to view a catalog of detailed brochures of upcoming "FEATURE" TRAVEL experiences.

"PRIVATE LABEL" TRAVEL!  This special travel service provides a complete "turn key" travel product for an employer or organization that wants to make a special travel experience available to its constituents and their friends.  The entire travel promotion and actual travel event are done under the name ("private label") of the organization or employer; but with all the details of travel arrangements, bookkeeping, distribution of informational memos, creation of promotional materials, preparation and dissemination of promotional materials, etc. being done solely by our full time professional travel team.  This is ideal for university alumni, major employers, and similar groups.  No-cost constituent benefits and opportunities are created, helping to attract, and also maintain, active particiipation with the sponsoring entity.  Constituent camaraderie and the opportunity to reward organization leadership and deserving employees with reduced cost and/or free travel experiences are present.    Click here to view examples of previous successfully operated "PRIVATE LABEL" TRAVEL programs; as well as examples of upcoming soon-to-operate experiences. 

All clickable files are PDF format and you may be required to download the Free Adobe Reader to view them.  If so, click this icon:  Adobe Reader

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